[MK] Summarized by MR:

1. R1. Representing epresenting the work

a.   EMS system based on 3 actors

b.   HCS system based on 2 actors

2.     2. Checking the Prepared power point files

a.   Discussion on problems

b.   Considering all concepts for meaningful view

3.     3. Guiding for continuing research

a.   Make new concepts for conceptual gap between different actors and actions

b.   Make meaningful name for every level. (e.g elaboration level, abstraction level)

c.    Change level 4 to individual property

d.   Make operation between two system by obtained information




[MK] Included: (3)

1) [MR] ER2017-EMS [PPT]

2) [MR] ER2017-HCS [PPT]

3) [JS] ER2017 [PPT]