NEMO2015 Summer School will be held at the University of Vienna, Austria, during this summer.

There are two issues related to the summer school:

1) I am going to present a special lecture on d-Calculus with SAVE. Especially I am going to analyze the extensibility of BPMN to mobile application over some geographical environment, in comparison with the calculus. Further I am going to give the detailed description on how the SAVE tool has been developed on ADOxx meta-modeling platform.

2) Two graduates students from the lab, Yoengbok and Woorim, will participate in the school. This time, they will demonstrate the SAVE tool to the students in the perspective of application and development. It will be a real challenge for them since they have to develop and declare the first formal version of the SAVE on time.

"No pain, no gain."

We have to make every effort to accomplish our goals on the issues.

Here is the invitation letter for the NEMO2015 from Prof. Dimitris Karagiannis


Invitation to the 2nd NEMO Summer School on Next Generation Enterprise Modelling
July 20 to July 31, 2015 at the University of Vienna, Austria 


Dear Colleague,

The 2nd edition of the NEMO Summer School aims to bring together students and experts from different domains in order to discuss and expand on concepts for “Next-Generation Enterprise Modelling”.

Designed as a highly-interactive programme, the summer school will give Master and PhD students the opportunity to implement small prototypes as well as to hear the most recent research developments in the relevant fields. The programme is conducted in English.

The latest information as well as the contributing partner universities are available at:

Student registration is already open at:

We would appreciate if you could either provide potential candidates with information about the summer school or nominate 1-2 of your students for participation.

To download the summer school flyer please go to:

If you would like to receive printed material please contact Ms. Verena Kleinschmid via email at

For more information or in case of any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours,
Dimitris Karagiannis

University of Vienna
Open Models Laboratory
Währinger Str. 29, 1090 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43-1-4277-78940