Name:    PRISM0.1/ADOxx

Code:  17-007-RD-03

Charge:  MR, MK



1) [2017년 1월 9] Authors and Subject

- Author: JS, MR, MK

- Subject: Behavior Ontology for Service Composition Model


2) [2017년 1월 16] Steps

1) Planning  Behavior Ontology

2) Outline: Mathematical Model  n:2 Lattice

3) English Version  1st Draft

4) English Version  Final



2) [2017년 1월 16] Outline: From EMS2013

* Included:

1) 17-002-PP-02-M-1-2017-01-17-Ref-2014-EMS-f.ppt


11) [2017-03-21]

- [MK] 

+ [MR]  n:2 lattice

- Designing automata from basic level by automata

- Representing whole behavior in abstract level

- Connecting automata and lattice by resonable methode

12) [2017-03-28] [MK]

- SMPE paper/ SAVE / EMS example을 통해 연구방향 summary

- EMS의 예제에 많은 상황을 고려하기 위해서 벡터적인 접근 방법이 필요하다

- MK,YB,SH의 출장업무 기간 중 연구하고 EMS예제에 적용해 볼 것


[Mon] [2017-04-03] Plan

1. Define "multi-state" state machine.
a. designing each behavior in basic level
b. considering the include relationships

c. designing a multi state

2. Define lattice based on state machine
a. finding including relationships

b. design lattice by abstract level

3. Finding a complete expression based on lattice behavior

a. cardinality and capacity are not enough to show all details.

[Thur] [2017-04-06] Plan

+ [Included] 2017-04-06-1

SSM.jpg[Mon]  [2017-04-10] plan

1. Design simple example based on numeric concepts

a. adjusting each number with the Ambulance's behaviors

b. doing same levels for other actors

2. Extending abstract level to several levels

a. show more detail for every cardinality and capacity

b. find meaningful relationship between levels

[Mon]  [2017-04-17] plan

1. Doing composition on two systems (EMS and HCS)

a. finding best way for addition

2. Gathering all data for writing paper

a. writing first draft paper

bcorrecting problems and writing second draft  

3. Completing paper

a. checking the contents, numbers, tables, figures and so on

b. submitting to conference 

****************************************** Implementing PRISM on ADOxx *******************************************************************


[Mon]  [2017-04-24] plan

1. Applying mathematical operation on lattice

a. doing in level 3 and 4

b. considering on examples

  2. Implementing PRISM on ADOxx

a. Defining structure

[Mon]  [2017-05-01] plan

1. Dividing whole work two 4 steps

a. Representation all Classes and Relations by ADOxx based on Active Ontology

b. Representation Model by Regular Expressions

c. Representation 3 Levels by graph and then lattice

d. Composition two EMS and HCS systems by ADOScript.

2Representation all Classes and Relations by ADOxx based on Active Ontology

a. Definition Class and relationship

b. Representing on model toolkit

3. Representation Model by Regular Expressions

a. Definition tools

b. Representing by text or graph

[Wed]  [2017-05-10] plan

1. Showing Behaviors by Equations

a. Using ADOScript

b. Representing included relationships 

[Mon]  [2017-05-15] plan

1. Showing Behaviors by Equations

a. Using ADOScript

b. Defining attributes for using in coding

[Mon]  [2017-05-22] plan

1. Definition Dependency

a. Showing subclass of each regular behavior

b. Showing all behaviors and saving in variables

[Mon]  [2017-05-29] plan

1. Definition Inclusion

a. Showing abstract level of each regular behavior

b. Finding included relationships of the whole behaviors

c. Representing result in a message

[Mon]  [2017-06-05] plan

1. Consider Change Lattice view

a. Drawing lattice based on main actor and related inclusion relationship

b. Checking the n:2 lattice relationship

c. Changing main actor and check the lattice

[Mon]  [2017-06-19] plan

1Order the behaviors of level 2

a. Checking the inclusion relationships based on main actor

b. set in lattice with 1 cardinality or n cardinalities automatically

c. showing subsets with arrows