Name:         Studying important topics

Code:  17-001-PP-01

Charge:  MR



Begin: 201609월 03

End: 2017년 01월 03


1) Preparing member to start studying new concepts

2) Making foundation of knowledge 

3) Increasing theoretical skills for solving problems and writing paper



1) Discrete Mathematics with Application: describes processes that consist of a sequence of individual steps.

2) Computer Algorithm: intends to teach algorithms for solving real problems that arise frequently in 

     computer applications, to teach basic principles and techniques of computational complexity 

3) Fundamentals of Logic: is primarily the study of arguments and of methods to determine whether 

    arguments are correct or incorrect.

4) Formal Languages and Automata: introduces course on formal languages, automata, computability, 

     and related matters. These topics form a major part of what is known as the theory of computation.

5) Elements of ML Programming: introduces algorithm concepts such as functional programming 

     and type systems.




1) [201609월 25]

2) [2016년 10월 25]

3) [2016년 11월 25]

4) [2016년 12월 25] 

5) [2017년 01월 07]




1) 17-001-PP-01-D-1-2016-09-25-mathematics

2) 17-001-PP-01-D-2-2016-10-25-algorithms

3) 17-001-PP-01-D-3-2016-11-25-logic

4) 17-001-PP-01-D-3-2016-12-25-automata

5) 17-001-PP-01-D-3-2017-01-07-ML programming