Name:    NRF/Internation Project/Proposal/Taiwan

Code:  17-057-RC-23

Charge:  MK



[1] [17/4/3] [2017/04/18][Tue] [MK]

- Correspondence with Prof. Hwang.

- Suggestion for Bilateral International Research.

- Accepted his offer.

- Need to find the detail from

Mr. Jeongho Park at Global Exchange and Cooperation Team, Center for International Affair, NRF

+ (tel: +82-2-3460-5705).

[2] [17/4/4] [2017/04/24][Mon] [MK]

- [YB] Need to find out the outline and schedule of the project [by MK]

[3] [17/5/1] [2017/05/17][Tue][MK]

- Prof. Hwang decided no to male a proposal for this year.

- We finalized his decision.

+ [Included] Correspondence with Prof. Hwang

- Task closed  [MK]